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Preserving History, Unveiling Treasures

CJM Collectables offers a trustworthy platform for collectors. With meticulous verification, curated selections, and transparent communication, you can trust us to provide authentic and valuable items. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless buying experience from start to finish. Explore our diverse range of exceptional collectibles and have confidence in their quality, authenticity, and investment potential. Let us be your guide in uncovering hidden gems for your collection.

Toby Jugs

Toby jugs, pottery vessels depicting whimsical characters, have a dedicated following worldwide. Popularity peaked in the mid-20th century, but collectors still appreciate their charm and historical significance. The value of Toby jugs varies based on age, rarity, condition, and maker, with some rare examples commanding high prices.

Stamps, Coins & Notes

Valuable stamps, banknotes, and coins are sought-after by collectors and investors for their historical significance, rarity, and aesthetic appeal. These collectibles can be valuable assets and potentially lucrative investments.

Vases & Jugs

Vases and jugs are prized by collectors for their craftsmanship, history, and beauty. Age, provenance, rarity, and condition all influence their value, making them potentially lucrative investments.